12 Fantastic Outdoor Hobbies Worth A Try In 2024 🏞️
12 Fantastic Outdoor Hobbies Worth A Try In 2024 🏞️

12 Fantastic Outdoor Hobbies Worth A Try In 2024 🏞️

These days, the world is teeming with all sorts of fantastic hobbies to dabble in!

In my opinion however, you really can’t beat the hobbies which encourage folk to get out in the Great Outdoors.

Top Of Snowdon, Amazing Views
There are few things better than breathing fresh air in your lungs & being amongst the wonders of mother nature!

Good for the mind, body and soul, spending quality time in the outside has always been incredibly cathartic for me. Plus, with an ever-growing repertoire of activities to get stuck into, today the outdoors truly is more accessible than ever before!

Having been a keen adventurer for most of my life, I’ve tried my hand at many an outdoor hobby over the years and so thought it’d be worthwhile listing some of my absolute favourites.

Trust me, take up any of these hobbies and I’m positive you’ll be in for a fantastic time!

Interested? Then let’s get to it 👇👇

Best outdoor hobbies


How to get in shape for hiking - Rucking
For fellow Brits, we’re so fortunate to have countless astounding walking trails right on our doorstep

With this blog being titled The Walking Northerners, it’d be amiss if hiking wasn’t at the top of the list!

Requiring minimal equipment and an activity which doesn’t demand a high level of skill to get started, hiking is healthy, easy to pick up & can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone and anyone.

How to get in hiking shape
From gentle strolls to the most challenging of hill climbs, there are walks to cater for all fitness levels.

Most of all, I think my favourite thing about hiking is exploring hidden gems dotted around the landscape – some of the highlights being the Bleaklow Crash Site in the Peak District or the Secret Snowdonia Infinity Pool in Wales.

For walking inspiration, be sure to trawl through the rest of the site. With countless posts on all sorts of walks over the years, I’m positive you’ll find something which’ll peak your interest!


Best campsites UK, Camping in Llanberis, tent

Without doubt, I feel most connected to the Great Outdoors when camping.

Far away from the city, relaxing in the quiet solitude of the countryside, there really is no better way to switch off and get back in touch with nature.

While there are plenty of luxury camping & glamping sites out there, I usually prefer to find a back-to-basics campsite with few amenities to really get immersed in the outdoors and plug out from modern amenities for a short while.

Camping in Llanberis, Wales, Snowdonia
One of the most freeing experiences you can enjoy is camping in the thick of nature.

The UK landscape is jam packed with campsites to discover. Wherever you’re situated, you’re likely not far from one.

Some of the best places we’ve camped over the last few years would have to be: Buttermere Lake, Anglesey, Snowdon& the Kielder Forest. Be sure to click through if you want the full lowdown on our trips at these stunning spots!


St Ives Beach, Surfing, Outdoor Hobby

When conjuring up images of surfing, folks often picture the idyllic sandy shores of west-coast USA.

However, along the choppy UK shorelines you’re also able to find some cracking surf spots which attract visitors from all across the globe!

Perhaps the most famous example is Fistrel Beach in Newquay. Celebrated as one of the most consistent and best surfing beaches in Europe, this Cornish gem holds famous yearly surf competitions such as Boardmasters Surf Championships & the National Surf Championships.

For northerners who want something a little closer to home, Saltburn By the Sea is another fantastic option, while those residing in the midlands or Wales can always head over to Rhosneigr beach in Anglesey for some exhilarating surf break.

With the ability to hire surf equipment & book beginner lessons from the nearby surf shacks, you also don’t need to worry about spending a fortune to get started. Perfect!

Mountain biking

While my dad is big into his road biking, I’ve always been more of a mountain biker at heart.

Outdoor Hobby, Kielder Forrest, Mountain Biking
I much prefer getting away from the busy roads and exploring the mucky off-road trails!

There truly are only few things more thrilling than darting through those mucky trailed woodlands at speed!

A hobby which can be enjoyed solo or with a group of pals, competitively or just for pure enjoyment, simply strap on your helmet and away you go.

With countless trails to explore throughout our little island, if I had to recommend one place it’s got to be Kielder Forest.

Spanning over 600 kilometres of enchanted forest and 27 miles of glimmering shoreline, safe to say bikers are in shortage of routes to explore here!

The Lakeside Way is one of the most renowned trails in the area – a 27-mile loop around Kielder Water and guides you through some of the most picturesque segments of the forest.

With so many areas to race around however, it’s certainly worth spending multiple days here if possible, the best place to stay being the Kielder Forest Campsite. Be sure to read up on our latest trip here.


I don’t think I’ll ever tire of lacing up my boots, leaving the house and enjoying some outdoor photography.

While I’m by no means an expert in this field, me and my partner love snapping pictures for the blog whenever we’re out in nature.

Buttermere Lake Walk
With so many amazing natural wonders to feast your eyes upon, it’s hard to take a bad picture when the scenery is looking this good!

Also a way to store memories and look back on in years to come, it’s always nice and rather nostalgic browsing through images of all the fantastic outdoor adventures we’ve ticked off.

Some of the most picturesque spots I think we’ve visited in recent memory would have to be The Trinnacle in Greater Manchester & Simon’s Seat in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Trinnacle Trail, How To Get To The Trinnacle
Legs quaking on top of the Trinnacle! 


One for those adrenaline junkies who find hiking a little too on the tame side, scrambling may just be the hobby for you.

Towing the fine line between a walk and a rock climb, a scramble falls just short of a full on mountaineering climb but certainly feels much more precarious than a standard hill walk!

Jack's Rake Scramble, Lake District

Rated in terms of grades, grade 2 & 3 often require specialist equipment & plenty of experience, but grade 1 scrambles don’t require any of the sort. All you need is a decent level of fitness, a head for heights and a pair of trusty walking boots.

The UK is full of iconic scrambles to discover, with some of the very best residing in the Lake District’s craggy landscape.

If we’re talking about the true cream of the crop, I’d say the scrambles most worth your time in National Park would be:

These white-knuckle scrambles will surely test your mettle and have your legs quaking, but the sense of achievement (and relief!) you feel once reaching the summit is unrivalled.

Warning – scrambling is a hazardous activity so safety is always paramount. Be sure to do your research & prepare accordingly before attempting a climb.

Wild swimming

Who needs to visit a dull & dreary swimming centre when we have innumerable breathtaking outdoor wild swimming spots hiding in the countryside?

Science is increasingly proving the benefits of cold water exposure, the buzz and sense of presence you feel when in the water is quite like nothing else. Plus, swimming in nature also provides you with unrivalled views to enjoy as you take a paddle.

Lake District Walks, Blea Tarn, Wild Swimming
There’s nothing like cold water and fresh air to pull you right into the present moment.

Some of the best wild swimming spots I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying have to be the Watkins Path Waterfall in Snowdonia, Gaddings Dam in Yorskhire and Blea Tarn in the Lake District.

Fun fact – Funnily enough, Blea Tarn along with several other Lake District spots were used as filming locations for Netflix’s hit fantasy ‘The Witcher’. For the full lowdown on how to visit these spots, be sure to check out our Ultimate Witcher Filming Location guide!

Warning – Many open water spots are not safe and sometimes downright dangerous to swim in. Always research beforehand to ensure the water is safe. The Wild Open Water app is a quick and easy way to check for the best nearby wild swimming locations.

Outdoor cooking

Campfire Banana Boat, Camping Desserts

For campers & lovers of the outdoors – why not try your hand at some outdoor cooking?

Weather permitting, it’s lovely to get a group of family or friends together and enjoy some outdoor cooked food in the joys of nature.

Look instore or online and you’ll find plenty of portable grills and barbecues ranging from cheap to hefty. These days, there’s an option to suit every price range.

For those who don’t to fork out for new cooking equipment however, there are also loads of simple food ideas you can conjure up by the campfire. For some sweet indulgent goodness, why not read our post on easy camping desserts.

Rustle up any of these and they’re guaranteed to go down an absolute dream!


Hagg Wood, Gawthorpe Hall Walk, Blue Bell Wood, Padiham, Burnley, Foraging, Hobby

Staying on the topic of food, foraging is perhaps the healthiest & most fun way you can find your grub!

Keeping you in tip top shape as you explore the outdoor terrain, you can’t get fresher produce than what mother nature has produced of her own accord.

Expert rummagers can often tell what’s what by simply giving things an eyeball, but for beginners you’ll really need a foraging handbook to inform you on what’s safe to eat.

A fun activity which proves particularly popular with families & kids, this hobby also expands your culinary knowledge and gives you a much greater appreciation of nature’s wonders.

Paddle boarding

For those who find surfing a little too extreme but still fancy venturing out onto the water, paddle boarding may be right up your street.

Paddle boarding with dog

Tamer and more relaxed than its surfing counterpart, simply hop on your board and gently paddle along the tranquil waters, taking your time to enjoy the solitude and scenery.

One of the most picture-perfect paddle boarding spots we’ve come across has to be Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia National Park. Surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape and coming in at a whopping 240 acres, the hours seem to fly by as you float along this gorgeous Welsh lake.

Trail running

Gwydir Forest Park, Forest Trail, Trail Running

In all honesty, I was never the biggest fan of running growing up.

Being made to jog around the school track countless times in P.E. probably didn’t help things, but I also just struggled to see the appeal in running through the grey & dreary roads which made up my not-so-glamorous hometown.

Nevertheless, these perceptions quickly changed when I finally discovered trail running!

Much more scenic than road running and incredibly thrilling, there’s nothing quite like the buzz of darting your way through the Great Outdoors at speed.

Navigating muddy forests, sandy shorelines, rocky hillsides, boggy moorlands & more, the variety of spectacular terrain always helps keep things fresh!

With so much to discover, as a trail runner the outdoors truly is your oyster. Simply pick a route, lace up those trail running shoes and away you go 🏃


Scafell Pike Night Sky, stargazing

Last but not least, stargazing is without doubt one of the most magical outdoor hobbies of all.

With numerous stargazing locations throughout Britain’s countryside, it’s quite shocking to see how vibrant the night sky truly is once it’s unshrouded by the usual veneer of light pollution we’re so accustomed to in our day-to-day.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the night sky so alive as during out visit to the Kielder Forest Observatory. Unmasked and bare to see, it was simply astounding to stare into the universe like never before, so vast and full of life. Words or pictures just can’t do it justice, I honestly could have stood there all night.

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Happy adventuring 🚶🚶